AVR360 Show

What You Will Hear

The AVR360 conference track features keynotes by industry luminaries, classes and tutorials, product and start-up demos, as well as detailed real life use cases from businesses both large and small.

Who Should Attend

Anyone working in or around augmented, mixed or virtual reality, including designers, developers, senior executives, futurists, manufacturers, analysts, investors, and press

Track Host: Address & Welcome
Keynote Sessions

Christopher Freeman, Head of Digitally Assisted Assembly / Augmented Reality Technical Fellow, AMRC

10.50am Break
Keynote Panel: The Art of Immersion – Advertising Focus
Technology has changed our daily lives, from how we communicate to how we spend our leisure time. There is no denying the power of advertising, and when combined with VR, what does the future hold for experience-based marketing? This discussion will also cover the impact of Social Media, along with the challenges posed

Franki Goodwin, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

Iain Tate, Executive Creative Director, Wieden + Kennedy

Experiencing the Story: How is Immersion Created in News & Journalism?
The potential impact and boundaries are explored.
12.05pm Lunch
Solo: Exploring the Future - Connecting Users to the Brand

Matthieu Lorrain, Head of Creative Innovation, Google

AR’s Potential in the Enterprise
A current prediction is that the enterprise AR market will lead the consumer market. So, what are the current enterprise ecosystem trends?
  • Why use AR for Industry?
  • How to manage the enterprise effectively
  • Seamlessly integrating the technology

Case Studies – Innovations in the Enterprise
Our presenters showcase their innovations that improve efficiencies across the enterprise.

3.00pm Break
It’s All in Your Head: Headwear
Consumer VR and AR are both thriving, driven by the ubiquity of the smartphone – but is everything equal? Is VR is seeing success in the consumer space whereas AR/MR devices are thriving more in the enterprise?

Manufacturing with AR & VR
How AR is helping factory workers become more productive, save on cost and improve on health and safety.

Our panellists give real-world examples from within their industries.

Track Host: Address & Welcome
Keynote Sessions
11.00am Break
Keynote Panel: Transforming the Enterprise
VR and AR will be used more in business operations, but what does this mean for the enterprise network?

This session looks at the disruption that can be caused in certain industries along with the benefits and advantages. How do we utilise this technology and ultimately cope with the transformation?
Public Safety & Emergency Response
We’re used to the playful, so what about the purposeful? What are the potentials for using this often leisure-centred technology for the purposes of providing transparency for our Emergency Services and immersive Health & Safety education? Hear from a leading company who is assisting industries that specialise in safety and rescue operations.
12.05pm Lunch
Architecture and Construction
Architects, engineers and construction teams are finding more uses for AR and VR technology in their workflows.

  • VR or AR?
  • Will AR/VR change the way companies work?
  • Which technologies are at the forefront?
  • Problem solving
2.15pm Break
Automotive Focus – The AR Dashboard
Industry leaders discuss how augmented reality is being utilised to enhance the driving experience.
Case Studies
AR in manufacturing, VR for asset generation and AR for visualising other senses.
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