AVR360 Show

What You Will Hear

Our AVR360 conference track features Keynotes from industry luminaries. There will also be classes, tutorials, product and start-up demos, as well as detailed real-life use cases from businesses both large and small.

Who Should Attend

Anyone working in or around augmented, mixed or virtual reality, including designers, developers, senior executives, futurists, manufacturers, analysts, investors, and press.

Themes: Advertising, Emergency Services, Work Safety, Headwear, Enterprise Innovation, Future Of
Track Host: Address & Welcome

Jazz Rasool, Professional Training & Coaching Consultant, Ravensbourne

Keynote Sessions
Keynote: Reality 2.0
Our Technology and Futurism expert talks the potential for Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Realities in our future. From enterprise, to consumer, there is every chance that our futures will deliver layers of reality, enhancing worldwide education and productivity.

Jonathan Chippindale, Chief Executive, Holition

Shaping the Future of an Augmented World
While virtual reality and augmented reality are on the rise, so are the number of available platforms, input standards, and design paradigms. As we move to integrate this technology into our daily lives, we must fundamentally rethink how we interact with VR/AR – designing for space when none of the rules of physical space or matter apply.

How should objects ‘feel’ in VR? What happens when we move from tools to embodied abilities? What will an application be?

Keiichi Matsuda, Vice President of Design and Global Creative Director, Leap Motion

Keynote Panel Discussion: Who is Developing the Next Round of AVR Innovation?
Our panel of AR, VR, & MxR experts talk motivations: both from a corporate and a personal level. What are they striving to achieve in the next wave of technology? What is really exciting when it comes to seeing the development of a new AR product? And what are the gaps in the market, where further development is needed?

Nick Nigam, Investment Manager, Samsung NEXT

Richard Nockles, Founder, SurroundVision

Husamettin Bayazit, CEO, HUBA


Samantha Kingston, Client Director, Virtual Umbrella

Hidden Potential? The Future of Communication
A leading name in the world of holograms, and the skilled production of some of the most well-refined visuals in the industry, Janosch Amstutz discusses the wide-ranging applications and the further potential for this new technology: from far-reaching education, to the future of healthcare, to connecting rural & disadvantaged communities.

Janosch Amstutz, Founder, HoloMe

11.00am Break
Keynote Panel: The Art of Immersion – Advertising Focus
Technology has changed our daily lives, from how we communicate to how we spend our leisure time. There is no denying the power of advertising, and when combined with these technologies, what does the future hold for experience-based marketing? This discussion will also cover the impact of Social Media, along with the challenges posed.

Franki Goodwin, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

Michael Naman, Head of Technology, Wieden + Kennedy

Tammy Smulders, President of Fashion & Luxury, VICE


Samantha Kingston, Client Director, Virtual Umbrella

Presentation: The Art of Immersion
An informal chat, providing open and honest conversation about the challenges of collaboration, and an insight into the purpose of using VR inside the art gallery.

Victoria Chang, Director of Vive Arts & Culture, HTC

Hilary Knight, Head of Digital Content, Tate

Phil Stuart, Creative Director, Preloaded

12.05pm Lunch
Disrupting the World of AR
We think we have seen it all, in terms of Augmented Reality's potential. This talk will take us one step further.

Kayvan Mirza, CEO, Optinvent

Realities: A Business Potential?
A current prediction is that the enterprise realities' market will lead ahead of the consumer market. So, what are the current enterprise ecosystem trends? This panel will cover topics such as:
  • Why should we use AR/VR/MxR for Industry?
  • How do we manage this technology effectively?
  • How do we seamlessly integrate the technology?

Jazz Rasool, Professional Training & Coaching Consultant, Ravensbourne


Sean Hennelly, Managing Director, Kopin

Janosch Amstutz, Founder, HoloMe

Enabling the Enterprise
A talk which discusses the impact this technology can have on your business, and why you should be adopting it today.

Sean Hennelly, Managing Director, Kopin Software

2.30pm Lunch
Public Safety & Emergency Response: VR as a tool for Emergency Services
We’re used to the playful, so what about the purposeful? What are the potentials for using this often leisure-centric technology to provide transparency for our Emergency Services and immersive Health & Safety education? Hear from Paul Speight, who has been using Virtual Reality in his role within the Leicestershire Fire Service.

Paul Speight, Watch Manager, Leicestershire Fire Service

Turning Innovation Ideas into Reality
Dwr Cymru have turned ideas into reality within their Operations department. They are successfully using both AR and VR to present complex operational information, and automated LEAN information. The Head of IMS delivers a talk about how the use of Near Field Communication technology in a hand-held device has been a pioneering development, along with how the team is using wearable technology, and how handsfree video-streaming with AR overlays is connecting engineers & suppliers from their remote locations around the world.

Gary Smith, Head of IMS, DWR Welsh Water

Themes: Industry Transformation, Working with AR, Enterprise Innovation, Automobile Future, Future Of
Track Host: Address & Welcome
Keynote Sessions
A New Dimension for Storytelling
We are entering the age of 4D media. Storytelling is becoming more immersive, opening portals to new worlds. The rise of mixed reality platforms demands a re-think in how we capture human performances, so they are more believable and elicit emotion and empathy. This talk introduces Dimension, the first Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture studio in Europe, and discusses how volumetric video is being used by storytellers to capture 4D performances.

Simon Windsor, Co-founder & Director, Dimension

Panel Discussion: How VR is changing the face of training
What work is involved in adopting the use of VR in some of our most high-risk enterprises? From the Human Factor, to risk-assessment - this session takes a look at the benefits of VR training in the industries where lives may be at stake.

Jean Page, Head of Human Factors, BAE Systems

Paul Speight, Leicestershire Fire Service

Alex Harvey, Creative Director, RiVR


Francesca Guerrera, Senior Analyst, Foresight Factory

Current Relationships, Future Realities

Parminder Bahra,Executive Producer, Wall Street Journal

11.25am Break
Keynote: Augmented Retail – Next-Gen Shopping Experiences

Kyle Heller, Founder, Cinematique

Experiential Retail:
So-called ‘Retailtainment’ has exploded within the last few years, with brands looking to technology to solve the drop in footfall in-store.

Heikke Haldre, Chairman, Future of Retail Organisation


Rima Reddy, Innovation in Retail, Ralph Lauren & Italia Innovation

Kyle Heller, Founder, Cinematique

12.35pm Lunch
Status of the Enterprise AR Ecosystem & What You Can Do to Improve it
Many analysts predict that the enterprise sector will be the biggest growth area for AR, yet the ecosystem still finds itself in the trough of disillusionment according to Gartner’s hype cycle model. Find out what the AREA (Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance) is doing to grow and educate the ecosystem, an overview of its members and how they are benefiting from AR, their initiatives to reduce the barriers to AR adoption and its thought leadership research. A must attend session if you are interested in enterprise AR.

Mark Sage, Executive Director, AREA

Curating the Immersion Experience
This panel discusses the benefits and potential applications for immersion across a variety of industries. What are the motivations for curating immersive content? What elements need to be considered when creating content that provides an embodying experience? Is there really a benefit for enterprise? Introducing our panellists.

Steve Dann, CEO, Amplified Robot

Alex Rühl, Director & Producer, CATS are not PEAS

Andy Wise, Business Director, Engine Creative


Muki Kulhan, Creative Director, Muki International

2.20pm Break
Which Reality to Use and Why
An unbiased look at the choices in VR, MR and AR technologies for use as public and personal experiences.

Scott Fletcher, Director, Play Nicely

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